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The Journey - (Digital)

The Journey - (Digital)

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In The Journey, Vili V explores the human condition with a blend of roots-inspired songs that are at once uplifting and compelling. Six of the 10 selections are written by Vili V, and the others are exciting new takes on songs by artists including Johnny Cash and Jimmy Cliff. 

    • 10 fully-mastered songs
    • Instant digital download
    • Includes original music by Vili V and reworked classics!

    “Music projects that he has released in the past are nothing short of genius. In my humble opinion, his latest offering, The Journey, is his best recorded work to date.”Entertainer Victor J Hanson


    “Vili’s music and lyrics calm the soul and release the peace of Christ to your spirit.” CJOA 95.1FM


     “This a great album of inspirational music that will truly take your breath away.”

    -       Jennilyne Letourneau 

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