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In Daddy's Arms Again (Digital)

In Daddy's Arms Again (Digital)

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Treat your ears to these roots-rock music delights. Vili V's long-awaited album masterpiece, In Daddy's Arms Again, is finally here! In it, he has masterfully crafted a collection of ten original songs. Including the thrilling featured song Constellation High, this collection of songs represents a fusion of roots rock, singer-songwriter melodies, gospel-infused rockabilly, and country-styled gems. 

Addressing a range of compelling themes, including love, mental health, storytelling, faith, social issues, heartbreak, and the triumph of overcoming, the album promises to be a powerful and transformative musical experience!

Reviews for In Daddy's Arms Again:

"Get ready to be captivated." – Honk Magazine

“ of the most artful practitioners of roots rock working today….There’s such grab you by the lapel exuberance in his voice that you can’t pay attention to anything else..." -  Neufutur Magazine

Add it to your collection today! Download includes:

  • 10 special fully-mastered original songs
  • Includes mp3 and wave files (20 total) of all the songs
  • Instant digital download link sent to your inbox
  • Get your toes tapping and feel the love!

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